First Responder Fit

Optimize your body to respond when duty calls! Treat yourself to the support you need to be at your best. First responders receive 10% off our private training packages.

             Bridal Bootcamp Training

IT IS A DEAL! Your Customized bridal bootcamp will be designed to deliver the short term results you need whether your big day is next month or next year. You can work privately or along side your bridal party as a small group training cohort. We will have you looking and feeling your very best!!


30 Minute HIIT & Run Program

  • The equipment is set up!
  • We go Hard!
  • And your done!

This High Intensity Interval Training is effective in improving cardiovascular fitness, endurance, energy, fat loss, and increased lean muscle. It is customized to your current fitness level and goals. Makes effective use of your time and challenges your mind and body to level up!!

60 Minute One-to-One Training:

1.)  We Assess your Current Fitness Level

We conduct a a few fitness tests to obtain baseline numbers that we can reflect back on as you progress through the program. A brief overview of your lifestyle will be discussed along with your resting heart rate, blood pressure, and optional weight will be measured.

2.)  We Get You Moving

A customized program is designed according to your goals, and current fitness level. We utilize a smart goals system that is both effective and safe for you to work through. Most clients choose to work with a trainer 1-3 times per week.

3.) We Motivate You To Succeed!

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